Friday, January 16, 2009

On Finding the Music

For better than a year, I've been referencing "the music" in my Facebook status. Any who know me well know that this is a reference to "the music" which surrounds us from a motion picture called August Rush (2007). [Yes, the movie IS predictable, and requires an almost superhuman "suspension of disbelief," but I believe the story... and the message outweigh the drawbacks.] At the conclusion of the movie, the title character, in a voice-over enjoins... "The music is all around us. All you have to do... is listen." I take August's surrounding, encompassing music as a metaphor for the love that our Creator has for us, and that is present in everything around us; a testament to his eternal affection and abiding love... if we would but just "listen."

My wife forwarded this little article to me, suggesting, quite rightly, that I might find it interesting.

I pass it along for you, as I beleive it reinforces the message that all we have to do, is listen...
May you find His peace.