Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sunset as a .sig line

I am a sucker for a sunset. Whether its an amazingly colorful display of yellows, golds, pinks, reds, and violets, or a simple golden orb dropping through the Pacific... I am struck by the idea that each time I see the sun go down, it's a one-off. There will never be another just like it... it is indeed an ephemeral masterpiece, painted by the Master Artist, unique to this time and this place... It occurs to me that, usually, I'm the only one there and then to enjoy that unique and specific perspective.

I'd like to believe that He planned it that way... that the panorama I see before me is a message, specifically from my Creator to me.

Not long ago, I spent the weekend up in Tahoe. Returning to our lodgings on the east shore of the lake at the end of the day, I was treated to one of the best, one of the most breathtaking... OK, one of the most spectacular displays it's been my privilege to share with my God in... well, I guess most of my life. It wasn't blazing like the picture above, it was delicate and carefully crafted, shades of pink and red, skillfully woven into the deepening blue field behind. A blend of pale oranges and purples, gently wafting among the incredible pastels of pale blue and aquamarine. Now, normally, I'm a prettty bold-color kind-of-guy. But this... this unspeakably beautiful and gentle tapestry literally took my breath away.

And as I stood there, mouth gaping, eyes dancing, and heart leaping, my Father came to me, gently, and whispered in my ear...

"You see, Beloved Son, I love you. This is how I see you, how I hold you, how I love you... with a caress at once soft, beautiful, and unique. I'm glad you enjoyed our day."

And with such a close to the day, God signed his name in the sky... once again.

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